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Parenting Plans
In A Florida Divorce


In divorce cases involving minor children, a parenting plan should be submitted to the court. The parenting plan is lengthy and complex and it addresses all issues relating to the minor children. The final parenting plan is incorporated into the final judgment and all parties must abide by it. Each family is unique and each parenting plan is unique. That is why we always encourage the parties to work together to formulate a parenting plan that works for their particular family.


It is always best that the parenting plan be as specific as possible and that it addresses all issues that affect or potentially affect your family and your children. The parenting plan sets forth details such as time-sharing; how, when and where the minor children will be picked up and dropped off; holiday and school break schedules; how enrolling the children in school will take place; and how traveling with the children will be handled. Many factors affect the parenting plan including, but not limited to, the location of the each parent’s residence, the location of schools or day cares, and the work schedule of each parent. It is important that each parent consider the logistics and long term feasibility of the parenting plan.


In order to be effective, the parenting plan must work for all parties involved, including parents and children. As experienced Tampa divorce attorneys, we will review all aspects of the parenting plan with you. We will speak with you regarding your particular needs and circumstances and will draft a comprehensive parenting plan that is in the best interest of your children and your family.

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