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What is a 341 Meeting?



What is a 341 meeting in a bankruptcy?

After you file a bankruptcy case, the Bankruptcy Court will schedule a meeting of creditors. This meeting is referred to as the “341 meeting” because this is the section of the Bankruptcy code that sets forth the requirement for the meeting of creditors.


During the 341 meeting, you and your bankruptcy attorney will sit down with the trustee that has been assigned to your bankruptcy case. Your creditors are permitted to attend the 341 meeting as well. The trustee will ask you questions regarding the information contained in your petition, schedules, and perhaps the supplemental paperwork as well.


If there have been any changes to the information contained in your paperwork, please let your bankruptcy attorney know prior to the meeting as you are required to make the trustee aware of any changes.

What do I need to bring to a 341 meeting?


You will want to be sure that you are prepared for the 341 meeting. It is important that you bring the following items to the 341 meeting:

  • Your Photo Identification

  • Your Social Security Card or Proof of Your Social Security Number

  • Any and all Documents Related to Your Bankruptcy

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