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The Role of the Personal Representative


What is the role of the personal representative of a Florida estate?


One of the aspects of putting together a Will is to name a personal representative. The role of the personal representative is an exceedingly important one as it is the personal representative who will be making sure that the terms of your will are followed. The role of personal representative carries with it many duties and responsibilities so it important to choose a personal representative who is ready and able to perform these duties and responsibilities.


It is typically the personal representative who selects and hires the probate attorney and it is the personal representative who will be working with the probate attorney to administer your estate once they have been appointed by the court.


Prior to appointing the personal representative, a probate judge might require that a personal representative probate bond be issued. Once the probate case has been filed with the court, the judge will make a determination whether to require the issuance of a probate bond and how much that bond will be. Though this sounds like a complicated process, it is a rather simple one that we can guide your personal representative through should be necessary.


The role of the personal representative involves a great deal of information gathering and paperwork. Throughout the probate process, the personal representative will be responsible for things such as opening the estate banking account, assisting the probate attorney in determining the assets and liabilities of the estate, working with a realtor to sell property if applicable, and reviewing and signing paperwork prepared by the probate attorney.


If you have been named as the personal representative in someone’s will, it can seem overwhelming. Though the process can be complicated, we are here to assist you in every aspect of the probate process.

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