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Will I Lose Custody Of My Children If I File For Divorce In Florida?


The state of Florida uses the term time-sharing rather than custody. Time-sharing is always one of the toughest aspects of a divorce. How much time the children will spend with each parent is always at the center of any divorce involving minor children. Parents are often worried about how much time they will get with their children and typically both parents want to spend as much time as possible with the children. Sometimes people are hesitant to file for divorce because they are concerned that they will lose time-sharing of their children entirely.

In Florida, the courts will consider the best interest of the children when making all decisions regarding the children, including time-sharing. Except in extreme cases, the courts consider it to be in the best interest of the children to have frequent contact with both parents. Fifty-Fifty arrangements in which the children spend equal time with both parents are becoming more common and are even favored in certain counties.


When putting together a time-sharing schedule, it is important that the parties keep in mind the best interest of the children and how the time-sharing schedule will work on an ongoing basis.

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