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Additional Information


Once you have spoken with an estate planning attorney and had all of your estate planning documents drafted according to your wishes, there are still some additional things that you need to do.


Be certain that you follow all of the instructions provided to you by your estate planning attorney.  For example,

  • If a trust is part of your estate plan, be certain that you FUND YOUR TRUST according to the instructions of your estate planning attorney.

  • If your estate planning attorney has advised that you title certain assets in a given way, be certain that you take the steps necessary to title those assets accordingly.

  • If applicable, speak with your primary care physician regarding a Do Not Resuscitate Order. Florida does have specific requirements for a DNRO to be valid.


Here is some additional information that will assist your loved ones in the event of your death or incapacity:

  • Keep all of your estate planning documents in a safe place. We recommend a water proof, fire proof container. A home safe is a good option (please be certain that your loved ones have the combination in the event that they need to access the documents).

  • Speak with those who will be acting on your behalf in the event of your incapacity or death. Inform them of the location of your documents and make sure that they are aware of your wishes.

  • Keep other important documents with your estate planning documents. This will allow your personal representative, or other agent, to locate any and all necessary documents without having to spend time searching for them and to handle your affairs in a timely manner. Examples of important documents include, but are not limited to, deeds, titles, burial and funeral instructions, life insurance information, retirement account information, and a contact list including the name of your attorney, bank, credit card and utility companies.

  • Consider making burial arrangements in advance and pre-paying for these arrangements. Keep any paperwork related to this with your other estate planning documents.


Please keep in mind that the information listed above is meant to be helpful and informational in nature. This is not an exhaustive list of what could or should be done.

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